the big book of māori sounds

print design // experience design

2018 massey university honours project

The Big Book of Māori Sounds is a children’s picture book that aims to educate readers about the pronunciation of Māori words, by offering a gentle pathway into reading Māori for those who aren’t confident in speaking te reo. Rhyming Māori words with English words encourages a non-Māori reader to learn te reo through their native language, and by reading out loud to a child, the adult has a safe, un-intimidating space to practice their pronunciation. Using augmented reality along with the physical book enables the reader to confirm or correct what they are saying, by hearing the Māori words “read” out loud by a fluent speaker.

Media coverage:

Ua  spread from book.

Ua spread from book.


By scanning a QR code at the start of the book, the user is able to download a collection of GIFs with audio that, when the in-app camera is launched, ‘reads’ the Māori words aloud.

Ngata  flap from spread.

Ngata flap from spread.